2020 COVID-Style Greek Gods in the Gutter

Despite COVID throwing a wrench into our Aidan Shea Foundation Greek Gods in the Gutter game plan for 2020, we still remembered the special guy he was on the five year anniversary of his death. From October through December 10 (Aidan's anniversary), we held a donation drive.  Proceeds continued to benefit Lurie Children's Hospital PICU Project Ignite and Gift of Hope. Some of our 2020 events included:

Virtual Thankful Tree Night
As many of you know, Aidan and his brothers created a "Thankful Tree" with their nanny Sarah a few weeks before Aidan passed away. The boys wrote on leaves the things for which they were most thankful. Highlights included the following: "A good school curriculum" from Connor, "Oxygen" from Liam and "Under Armour" from Aidan. :) We helped familes celebrate and remember Aidan while preparing their own family Thankful Tree.

Virtual Stella and Dot Shopping Night
We held a Stella & Dot product demo zoom call with S&D Ambassador Extraordinaire (and college friend of Theresa's) Jenn Martzholf. This event wa  our 4th annual S&D Shopping night.

Tik Tok Dance Challenge
Aidan had amazing dance moves and wasn't afraid to show them off! Participants attempted to top Aidan's  poolside "Love You Like a Love Song" dance moves and shared on Tik Tok.  Best submission shared to the ASF FB page received a swag prize basket!

Sweating Like a Shea Virtual Workout
Aidan was a sweaty dude. Just like his mom. We held a Zoom sweaty workout with many Sheas led by Erin Kavanaugh Collins (Spenga instructor to many of the Shea ladies).

Swag Day
Participants who shared their favorite shot of themselves sporting Aidan Foundation swag competed to win a swag prize basket for the most exotic/creative location posted!

Virtual Trivia Night
In place of the 5th Annual Aidan Shea Foundation Fundraising Party, we hosted a Trivia Night virtual event. The event was hosted on Youtube live and a prizes awarded for most creative team name and highest scoring team!